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Marketing to Chinese travellers requires long-term commitment and a clear strategy. Below are some points for consideration.

Understand the market

  • Research and review Chinese tourist expectations below to determine if your product is suitable
  • Attend networking and education events
  • Meet with your Regional Tourism Organisation and our staff to discuss your product and services for the market

Review your product

  • Are you currently selling to international markets?
  • Is your product what the Chinese visitor wants?
  • If not, make refinements and enhancements
  • Know what your competitors are offering
  • Consider employing Mandarin-speaking staff
  • Translate your brochures and other key information such as menus, compendiums and website into Chinese

Understand the travel distribution system

  • Contact your Inbound Tour Operators
  • Attend Tourism WA’s China Mission to build relationships with key Chinese outbound agents
  • Research opportunities to package your product with other complementary products in your region
  • Get ready for international visitors
  • Brief your staff on the Chinese market opportunities

China Ready Accreditation and workshops

It is importnat to understand the requirements of Chinese visitors. Tourism Council WA is running the China Ready Accreditation program and workshops to help businesses become ready for this growing market. For more information visit the Tourism Council WA website.

Last Reviewed: 2023-01-30