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Some essential ingredients for success when dealing with the China market are listed below.

Products and services adaptation

It is important to adapt products and services to meet the expectations and needs of Chinese visitors. Outbound operators are willing to develop high quality and extraordinary tour packages to suit different market segments in China.

Speed of decision making and action

Your team must be trained to deal with the Chinese fast paced environment and be confident in making quick and accurate decisions. Emails must be responded to within 24 hours to be considered as professional.

Get to know the Chinese business environment

Understand laws and regulations, market size of consumers, popular consumer websites and social media networks, competitors and business customs. Chinese partners who are qualified in these areas could help overcome barriers by tapping into the market. Be mindful that building these relationships is a long but rewarding process.

Chinese liaison staff and language

It is preferable to have Mandarin-speaking team members in your business development and operations departments and to employ 'bi-cultural' management. A little bit of Mandarin also goes a long way. Learn a few simple words like 'Ni hao' (good day) and 'Xie xie' (thank you) before meeting your Chinese business partners.

Translated collateral and website

Translate your brochures and website into Chinese. This is the most important first step in entering the China market. Chinese people are the most visually tuned-in consumers in the world. Seven out of 10 Chinese tourists rely on destination websites for information before booking their trip. To be effective, your website must be engaging and informative featuring images and videos of your products and services. Also keep in mind that Chinese outbound tour operators will also use your website so ensure that the content suits their needs.

"Guanxi" or connections

Connections must be carefully developed with the right partners in China. Building good relationships and connections is often the fastest way of getting things done.

Business card etiquette

It is important to carry plenty of translated bi-lingual business cards and use both hands when presenting them.‚Äč

Last Reviewed: 2021-01-27