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This web site is maintained and administered by the Western Australian Tourism Commission, trading as Tourism Western Australia (Tourism WA).

This Privacy Statement sets out the manner in which Tourism WA will deal with information submitted to it through Tourism WA’s digital assets (the digital assets) by members of the public, including this web site, other Tourism WA web sites and Tourism WA mobile applications.

Tourism WA views the privacy of your personal information as an important issue, and is committed to protecting your privacy when you access and interact with the digital assets.

Tourism WA's privacy policy is based on, and is consistent with, the Australian Privacy Principles, published by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. The Australian Privacy Principles may be viewed on the Australian Privacy Commissioner's web site at

This Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time.

Tourism WA suggests that you return to the site on a regular basis and carefully read the information provided.


When you visit the digital assets, a record of your visit is kept for statistical and research purposes.

Similar records may be kept when you use any of the interactive features found in the digital assets.

The information kept for these purposes is:

  • Your server address
  • Your top level domain name (e.g. .com, .gov, .au, .uk, etc.)
  • The date and time you visited the digital asset
  • The pages/screen/section/feature (or similar) of the digital asset you accessed, and the documents you downloaded
  • The previous digital asset you visited
  • The type of web browser and operating system you used
  • The type of mobile device and operating system you used
  • The number of times you visited

Some of the interactive features found in this web site may require you to enter personal information, such as your name and address.

Tourism WA stores this information in encrypted form, and disposes of it once the purpose for which it was collected has been achieved.

The length of time for which such information is stored may vary according to the purpose for which it has been collected.

No such information will be released to any third party without your prior consent, unless Tourism WA is compelled to do so by law.

Registered users

If you decide to register as a user of the digital assets, you will be asked to submit various items of personal and other information.

This information will be stored so that we may use it:

  • for research purposes;
  • to identify your interests;
  • with your consent, to add your name to our mailing list.

The information you provide may be combined with information from other sources (for example, census bureau data), so that we can better achieve these purposes.

As a result, you may receive information about campaigns, promotions, and matters of interest to you.

The information you provide will not be released to any third party without your consent (which consent may be given during the registration process, or at any time afterwards) unless Tourism WA is compelled to do so by law.

If you give your consent, we may pass the information to our tourism partners who subscribe to our services for purposes of research and direct marketing.

Please note, however, that Tourism WA disclaims all responsibility or liability (in negligence or howsoever) for the uses to which such information is put by our tourism partners.

If you withdraw your consent to the provision of the information you submit to our subscribing tourism partners, we will remove your name from our mailing list.

However, we will not be responsible for ensuring that our subscribing tourism partners remove your name from their mailing lists.

In this Privacy Statement, the terms "tourism partners" and "technology partners" include partners, associates and contractors of Tourism WA.

Cookies, spotlight technology and pixels or transparent GIF files

Tourism WA and technology partners employ Spotlight technology Cookies and Pixels or Transparent GIF files to help:

  • Collect the information referred to under the heading "General" in this policy statement
  • Save any preferences you may record whilst visiting the digital assets
  • Manage online advertising
  • Create permission-based email marketing communications

A cookie is a small string of text data that a web site can send to your web browser.

A cookie cannot extract information from your computer, transmit computer viruses, or capture and transmit your email address. Tourism WA does not store any personally identifiable data such as credit card details in the cookies that we create. We use the cookies to store encrypted data in order to make your visit across our digital assets run more smoothly. Our cookies also do not store details such as your name, address, telephone number or payment information.

Pixels or Transparent GIF files are tiny graphics with a unique identifier, similar in function to cookies.

If you would like to block, restrict or delete cookies from Tourism WA you can use your browser to do so. Each browser is different, so you may need to refer to the 'Help' section of your browser to find out how to alter your cookie preferences.

If you want to disable cookies in your browser, you can set your browser accordingly using its menu bar. You should be aware that if cookies aren’t enabled on your computer we are unable to personalise and improve our service to you.

Third-party cookies

When you visit Tourism WA’s digital assets you may notice some cookies that are not related to us. If cookies concern you, we recommend that you check the third-party websites for more information about their cookies and how to manage them.

Tourism WA does have relationships with other suppliers however, we select those relationships very carefully and constantly monitor them. These suppliers may also set their own cookies during your visit on our digital assets to show you different products or services based on what you seem to be looking for.

Where are we using cookies?

Tourism WA uses the following companies and technologies:

  • Language and Country Preference: We store a language and country selected by the user using the language selector so that when the user visits the site again, we can display the site in his/her preferred language and country. If the user does not select any language or country using the ‘Language Selector’ functionality, the language and country is set in cookies on the basis of geo targeting. The country information set by cookies is also used to automatically populate the country field in any forms. This information is set in cookies stored for that session only or for two days.
  • Adobe Analytics - to analyse usage statistics on the digital assets. This analysis is performed using data collected from the digital assets and is used to improve the web experience of our users. No personally identifiable information is collected by  Adobe Site Catalyst  from the digital assets, but if you would like to opt-out of Adobe Site Catalyst anonymous user profiling, you can do so here.
  • DoubleClick - to provide online advertisement delivery and tracking. DoubleClick uses cookies for anonymous profiling purposes to tailor advertising to user's preferences. No personally identifiable information is collected by DoubleClick from the digital assets. If you would like to opt-out of the DoubleClick anonymous profiling, you can do so here.
  • Splunk MINT (fomerly BugSense) - to track and report on mobile application errors. Splunk MINT reports error information, smartphone model, smartphone software development kit version, smartphone operating system version, smartphone screen information, GPS status (i.e. on/off), and WIFI status (i.e. on/off). No personally identifiable information is collected by Splunk MINT from the digital assets.
  • Hotjar - to analyse online behaviour and feedback of our website's visitors to improve user experience and site's performance. Hotjar may collect information through your device and browser such as: your device's IP address; device screen size; country location; device type; and preferred language. Details of how this takes place; how Hotjar uses this information; and details of how you can opt out from having Hotjar collect your personal information can be found on their privacy policy here.

Important note

If you delete cookies from your computer's web browser, you may remove the opt-out preference that you have set for the company's listed above.

The opt-out cookies set may also expire and may need to be refreshed by using the information set out on this page.

Online security

Tourism WA strives to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of personal information submitted to and stored via the digital assets, and periodically updates its security measures in light of current technologies.

You need to be aware of inherent risks associated with the transmission and storage of information via the Internet.

Tourism WA cannot guarantee or warrant the security of any personal information that is submitted or stored via our digital assets.

Tourism WA shall not be liable (in negligence or howsoever) for any third party or thing directly or indirectly breaching the security of, or without authorisation accessing your personal information submitted or stored via our digital assets.

If you have concerns in this regard, Tourism WA has other ways of obtaining and providing information.

Normal mail, telephone and fax facilities are available. Otherwise, please don't provide us with your personal information.

Tourism WA takes security of personal information seriously.

Most electronic records of personal information collected by Tourism WA are stored in databases hosted on servers in Australia.

Some records are stored in databases that are hosted on servers overseas.

In each case, our IT systems are protected by appropriate IT security measures.

If you do not live in Australia, and we want to store your personal information on servers that are located in Australia, or if you live in Australia and we want to store your personal information on servers that are located outside Australia we will generally ask you to consent to this at the time we collect personal information from you.

If you don't want your personal information to be transferred to servers outside of the country you live in, please don't provide us with your personal information.

If you have dealt with Tourism WA in the past, and don't want your personal information stored in Australia or overseas, you can ask to be removed from our databases at any time (using the contact details in the ‘Access to Information’ section below).

Tourism WA’s personnel are bound by confidentiality obligations as a condition of their employment, and this extends to ensuring that personal information collected by Tourism WA is kept confidential.

Tourism WA digital assets may also be linked to digital assets operated by third parties.

These links are meant for your convenience only. Links to third party digital assets do not constitute sponsorship or endorsement or approval of these digital assets.

Visitors to those third party digital assets should refer to their separate privacy policies and practices.

Internet use risks

Tourism WA does not warrant that the functions contained in the digital assets will be uninterrupted or without error.

In addition, Tourism WA shall not be liable (in negligence or howsoever) for the propagation of computer worms, viruses or other harmful components transmitted from the digital assets and other third-party sites.

Any information, advice or suggestions set out in this document are given or made on an "all due care taken, but no liability" basis. Accordingly, neither Tourism WA nor any of its officers or employees shall be liable (in negligence or howsoever) for any information, advice or suggestions given or made, or not given or made, in this document. You need to take and consider your own advice, and make your own enquiries and consider the results of those enquiries, in that regard.

Privacy Statement to be read with Disclaimer

This Privacy Statement must be read together with the Disclaimer.

Access to information

Any person or organisation, whether or not a registered user of the digital assets, who believes that we have gathered and stored personal information relating to them, whether through the digital assets or otherwise, may contact us and request to view that information.

They may also request the alteration of that information or its removal from our records.

Any such request or request for further details of our privacy statement should be directed to us by email or via the Contact us form. Alternatively you can call us on +61 8 9262 1700 , or contact us by facsimile on +61 8 9262 1735. 

Last Reviewed: 2017-10-23