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​​This website is maintained and administered by the Western Australian Tourism Commission, trading as Tourism Western Australia (Tourism WA). This disclaimer is relevant to material published on Tourism WA’s digital assets (the digital assets), including this website, other Tourism WA web sites and Tourism WA mobile applications.  The material on the digital assets provides general information only and is not intended as advice and must not be relied upon as such. You should make your own inquiries and seek independent and/or alternative advice prior to making any decisions.

All material on the digital assets is derived from sources believed to be current and accurate as at the date of publication and is provided in good faith. Tourism WA makes no representation or warranty that:

  1. any material on the web site will be relevant, accurate, reliable or complete (nor does Tourism WA accept any responsibility arising in any way for errors in, or omissions from that material, even if those errors or omissions occur on account of Tourism WA's negligence or gross negligence); or
  2. your access to the digital assets will be timely, secure or uninterrupted.

Your use of, or reliance upon, the material on the digital assets is entirely at your own risk.

 The digital assets may contain information about activities which by reason of their physical exertion or the degree of physical fitness required may be unsuitable or dangerous for certain persons, or the digital assets may describe activities which are inherently dangerous. Tourism WA makes no representations as to the nature, safety, quality or suitability about any or all of the activities shown on the digital assets and the user agrees that the user shall be responsible for first satisfying himself/herself by independent enquiry or advice as to the safety and suitability of the particular activity.

 The digital assets contain contact details for various businesses and service providers. In placing these contact details on the digital assets, Tourism WA makes no representation as to the relevance, currency or accuracy of such details. Nor does the Tourism WA make any representation as to the nature, safety or quality of the goods or services provided by the listed businesses and service providers, or as to their suitability for the purposes of persons using the contact details.

 Any trade mark depicted on the digital assets is for information purposes only and is not intended, and nor shall it be, an endorsement or a recommendation by or on the part of Tourism WA of any person, product or service.

 Tourism WA shall have no liability, in negligence or howsoever, for any loss, damage, liability or inconvenience suffered by you or any other person as a result of your or their use of or reliance upon the contact details. Any person proposing to use or rely on any of the contact details should first satisfy themselves of the relevance, currency and accuracy of those contact details and any other information displayed on the digital assets.

 Tourism WA will not be liable, in negligence or howsoever, for loss, damage, liability or inconvenience suffered by you or any other person resulting from any action or decision in reliance upon the material on the digital assets, or any propagation of computer worms, virus, internet access difficulties, malfunction in equipment or software, interruption, communications failure or delay in operation.

 In this disclaimer, the word "material" includes any actual, alleged or asserted fact, details, information, representation, prediction, assertion, opinion, statement, promise, undertaking or the like; and a reference to a person (including the use of the word "you") includes a firm, business, organisation, company or corporation.

 Hypertext links to external digital assets (e.g. web sites, mobile applications) outside of Tourism WA’s digital assets are provided, in good faith, as a convenience to users. These external information sources are outside of Tourism WA's control and it is the responsibility of the Internet users to make their own decisions about the relevance, accuracy, reliability and correctness of material found on external sites.

In providing links to external digital assets, Tourism WA takes no responsibility for the contents of those digital assets. Tourism WA makes no warranty, representation or undertaking whether expressed or implied nor does it assume any legal responsibility (in negligence or howsoever) for the relevance, accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the material located via hypertext links or reference of external digital assets. No endorsement of those digital assets and/or their contents is intended, expressed or implied.

 Tourism WA accepts no liability (in negligence or howsoever) for any loss or damage a person suffers because that person had directly or indirectly used or relied on any material located via hypertext links or reference of external digital assets.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are advised this website may contain images of people who have passed away.

 This Disclaimer must be read together with the Privacy Statement, outlined above.

If you have any comments or queries please contact us by email or via the Contact us form. Alternatively you can call us on +61 8 9262 1700, or contact us by facsimile on +61 8 9262 1735.

Disclaimer - 1001 Extraordinary Experiences Video 
The digital assets may contain fast frame images or video content. Viewer discretion is advised as there exists a possibility that any person who has, or is predisposed to any medical condition like, for example, photosensitive epilepsy, could have such condition triggered or exacerbated by his or her viewing of such film.

Neither the Western Australian Tourism Commission ("TWA") nor the State Of Western Australia ("State"), nor any officer, member, employee or contractor (at any tier) of either TWA or the State shall be liable, in negligence or howsoever, for any illness, injury or death, or any onset or exacerbation of any illness or medical condition, sustained or occasioned by or occurring to any person on account of having viewed the following film or any part thereof.

Last Reviewed: 2021-01-27