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The domestic market – WA’s largest source of visitors - includes WA (intrastate) as well as the remainder of Australia (interstate).  

Western Australia is divided into five tourism regions. Each has its own Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) – a peak tourism marketing body for that region.

Tourism WA provides funding to the RTOs to support their marketing activity in their region in alignment with Tourism WA’s strategic marketing direction. The majority of this activity is in the intrastate and relevant international markets, with a small percentage of their budget spend in the interstate market.

To promote WA to the intrastate market and encourage travel within the State, we focus on:  

  • Brand marketing to inspire intrastate consumers to explore Western Australia; 

  • Cooperative marketing by working with highly-recognised retail travel brands that have the ability to retail a wide range of Western Australian tourism products and generate bookings; and

  • Events marketing to communicate that there is always something on in our extraordinary State.

Our intrastate campaigns target six different types of consumer segments. Visit the domestic market profiles page for more information on each segment.

For the latest domestic visitor numbers, download the Fast Facts.

How to get involved

Tourism WA works with a wide range of travel distributors such as airlines, wholesalers, retail travel chains and online tourism agents who have the ability to sell WA tourism product to generate bookings. See the Domestic Travel Distribution Partners contact list for more details.

For more information on how to share and engage with Tourism WA's marketing activities download the How to connect with Tourism WA fact sheet or visit our How to get involved page.

More information

For more information please email Tourism WA.

Last Reviewed: 2020-11-11