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‚ÄčRelook and Book encourages West Australians who have been considering a holiday in WA, or who have had their travel plans disrupted to consider their local options and book for 2021.

The campaign targets West Australians who may have had interstate holiday plans impacted, or holidays coming soon, encouraging them to investigate any locations they understood to be booked out as there may now be last minute vacancies. 

Relook and Book includes print, radio, social and digital display and aims to:

  • Target West Australians who had interstate holiday plans to book last minute intrastate travel, particularly, through July, August and September.
  • Create awareness about the availability in destinations where there previously may not have been.
  • Support operators affected by cancellations.
  • Raise awareness of adventures available right now in the destination to drive immediacy.

To spread the word, operators can download the industry toolkit.

Last Reviewed: 2021-07-27