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We have developed an industry event calendar which features upcoming events coordinated by us or other organisations, which may be of interest to you. We are happy to promote trade events, training for tourism operators, workshops, industry briefings, networking opportunities and award night presentations.​

If you have a tourism industry event that you would like to spread the word about or to update your event, please email

​​Tourism Australia has also developed a nation-wide industry events cale​ndar focusing on trade activities. Visit Tourism Australia’s website to view the calendar.

For the latest ​ limits on public gatherings due to COVID-19, see Updated gathering restrictions.   



March 29
Fremantle Bar & Barista Job Connect | Fremantle

Hospitality businesses looking for staff in the Fremantle area are encouraged to register for a Bar and Barista Job Connect employer session in Fremantle on March 29 from 4.30 - 5.30pm. Run by Tourism WA in partnership with AHA(WA), local hospitality businesses can attend the employer session to have the opportunity to meet job-seekers who will have completed RSA training, barista basics, hospitality food service, hospitality bar basics and Covid-19 Hygiene training. 


Last Reviewed: 2022-03-24