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​Western Australia offers many amazing experiences, some of which can't be found anywhere else in Australia, and in some cases the world​.

Tourism WA also implements an events marketing strategy to showcase a wide variety of events happening across the State.

The Kimberley Express 

Tourism Western Australia’s new domestic campaign focus from October through November will include the Kimberley region.

WA Tourism – Our Story 

Tourism WA is embarking on a journey to define our own unique tourism brand story.

Perth brand 

The Perth brand has been created to establish a unified identity for the city of Perth.

Events marketing 

Our events marketing campaign communicates the wide variety of events happening across the State to drive attendance.

International campaigns 

Learn more about Tourism WA's international cooperative marketing strategy.

Domestic campaigns 

Learn more about Tourism WA’s domestic cooperative marketing strategy.

Home of the Road Trip 

Tourism WA has launched a global campaign promoting Western Australia as the ‘home of the road trip’.

AFL campaign 

Tourism WA’s 2019 AFL marketing campaign launched on Sunday January 27 and will run for six months.

Last Reviewed: 2019-06-12