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The tourism destination management framework for Western Australia's regional areas has been developed by Tourism Western Australia to guide tourism development in the state for the next 10 years. The actions identified through this process form the blueprint for the overarching WA Visitor Economy Strategy (WAVES 2033), by prioritising projects that will have the most impact on the development of tourism at a regional level. It provides an understanding of the current state of tourism in the regions and makes recommendations on actions and priorities to support the sustainable management and growth of the destination.

The tourism destination management framework includes the following suite of documents:

  • Five Tourism Destination Management Plans (TDMP) aligned with the Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) boundaries, to guide decision-making, investment and capability development over the next ten years.
  • Ten Regional Tourism Development Strategies (RTDS), establishing the tourism priorities for the nine Development Commission regions, and the Perth metropolitan region.

The documents have been informed by an analysis of each region's visitor economy, attractions and experiences, brands and destination marketing. Comprehensive stakeholder engagement was conducted during the development of the plans to understand the opportunities and priority projects for tourism expansion.

Both the TDMP and RTDS documents address gaps in the following areas:

  • Supply                  including attractions, events, access and connectivity and infrastructure.
  • Demand               including the region's positioning, markets and destination marketing.
  • Capability           including workforce and skills development, funding and partnerships.

The tourism destination management framework is a cross-government and cross-industry collaboration which will require multiple stakeholders' support to implement.

The TDMPs and RTDS will be available at this page once released.

Last Reviewed: 2023-11-02