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The tourism industry can be very confusing, especially when trying to work out who does what and why. We have developed a useful video that will help to outline the various roles and responsibilities within the tourism industry.

As the State Tourism Organisation, our job is to promote WA as an incredible holiday and business event destination.

We work closely with other Government agencies (local, state and federal) and other industry bodies to achieve good outcomes for tourism.

We also provide funding to other organisations to carry out work on the State’s behalf such as the five Regional Tourism Organisations, Business Events Perth, the WA Visitor Centre, the WA Indigenous Tourism Operators Council and Tourism Council WA.

Here is a breakdown of the key players in tourism:

  • National level – Tourism Australia
  • State level – industry bodies such as Tourism Council WA, Australian Hotels Association WA, WA Indigenous Tourism Operators Council, Australian Tourism Export Council WA, Caravan Industry Association WA, WA Visitor Centre and other State Government departments
  • Regional level – five Regional Tourism Organisations and nine Regional Development Commissions
  • Local level – local visitor centres, local government authorities and Local Tourism Organisations

More details about each of the key players, how we work with them and how they can help you is below.​


National tourism bodies which help to increase international visitors to WA.


State tourism bodies which help to grow tourism in WA.


Regional tourism bodies promote and develop tourism in their respective regions.


Local tourism bodies help strengthen tourism in their areas and support local tourism businesses.

Last Reviewed: 2021-01-25