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In 2019-20, we developed and launched our unique tourism brand story 'Western Australia Tourism - Our Story: The Spirit of Adventure'.

Purpose of 'Our Story'

The purpose of the ‘Western Australia Tourism – Our Story’ project is threefold, with the overarching aim to bring more travellers to WA.

  • For Tourism WA, 'Our Story' will develop a unique marketing strategy that gives WA a competitive advantage. It will inspire future advertising campaigns, events, destination development, partnerships and policy.
  • For the tourism industry, it will strengthen individual efforts, and create a tourism brand that commands greater attention and value.
  • For travellers, it will motivate them to choose a holiday here over anywhere else in the world.

Outcomes of 'Our Story'

‘Western Australia Tourism – Our Story’ was created in consultation with more than 500 tourism industry business owners and leaders from across the State, and tested with more than 110 local, national and international consumers.

Throughout this process, five pillars were developed:

  1. Western Australia is ancient tracks, new journeys
  2. Western Australia is barefoot luxury
  3. Western Australia is otherworldly phenomena
  4. Western Australia is majestic landscapes and big skies
  5. Western Australia is full of characters

Put together, these create 'Our Story: The Spirit of Adventure.'

Download the Western Australia Tourism - Our Story presentation (PDF 17.6MB)

How industry can use 'Our Story'

‘Our Story’ belongs to us all and is a tool for you to use in your marketing, product development or business planning.

To demonstrate how 'Our Story' can inspire tourism businesses differently, we partnered with three organisations to create a series of case studies to show how it might be used.

To help our tourism partners start using 'Our Story' for their business, we have also created a toolkit with six interactive exercises. These have been designed as thought-starters, regardless of whether operators are reviewing marketing collateral, creating a new brand, or developing new products.

Hear more about how 'Our Story' can be put into practise from our own Storytellers.

More information

If you have any queries about 'Western Australia Tourism - Our Story,' please email

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