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Image: Lake Argyle Swim

Tourism WA's Regional Events Scheme (RES), supported by Royalties for Regions, is an annual funding round for smaller, developing regional events across the State.

The 2019-20 RES will include the Regional Aboriginal Events Scheme (RAES), a quarantined pool of $150,000 that only events delivering Aboriginal activities and experiences through the leadership and participation of Aboriginal people are eligible to apply for.

The scheme is administered by Tourism WA and supports regional events in WA that:

  • bring additional tourism income to regional communities by increasing visitor numbers and expenditure in the host community (economic impact);
  • attract media coverage that will help raise the profile of the region as a tourist destination (media impact);
  • involve and inspire the local community (social benefits);
  • extend the length of the traditional tourist seasons and better utilise tourism facilities and services during off-peak or shoulder periods;
  • improve the vibrancy and vitality of the State; and
  • support job creation in regional WA and benefit social amenity and wellbeing of regional WA.

In addition, it is advantageous if the event has a strong point of difference and/or profiles the unique features of the town and/or region.

The scheme is administered through a competitive application process.  Applications are reviewed and assessed against criteria then compared against each other. Regional dispersal and the diversity of funded events will also be considered in the assessment process. Funding is competitive and on some occasions, events that sufficiently meet the criteria may not be awarded funding.

2019-20 Regional Events Scheme

Sixty eight events have been awarded funding as part of the 2019-20 Regional Events Scheme. these events will be held between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

Download the successful recipient list - 2019-20 Regional Events Scheme successful applicants.

FOR REFERENCE ONLY, the 2019-20 RES guidelines, application and budget spreadsheet are available for download at the below links.

2019-20 RES Guidelines (PDF) - Document 1 of 3
2019-20 RES Application - Template only (PDF) - Document 2 of 3
2019-20 RES Budget spreadsheet (XLS) - Document 3 of 3

If you wish to view a sample sponsorship agreement for event holders successful for Regional Events Scheme funding, please follow the link below.

Sample Regional Events Scheme Sponsorship Agreement (PDF)

The 2020-21 RES round for events that fall between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 will open in October 2019.

​Risk management for event holders

Event holders who receive event funding through RES are required to have a risk management plan that complies with the latest Australian standard for risk management and the appropriate insurance requirements. 

An Introduction to Risk Management For Event Holders in Western Australia provides practical guidance to event holders to help manage risks associated with events. The resource has been developed to support Regional Events Scheme funding recipients however it can be used by any event holder as it aligns with the Australian Standard: Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines (AS ISO 3100:2018). 

Managing your event risks is a video presentati​on that provides an overview of event risk management and information on the importance of risk management to ensure a successful event.

Resource for Events in Western Australia

The Resource for Events in Western Australia​ contains important information, contact details and advice for event holders. 

More information

For more information about the Regional Events Scheme email the Events Division.

Last Reviewed: 2019-08-06