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Western Australia is set to become the nation’s premier destination for authentic Aboriginal tourism with the launch of the Jina: Western Australian Aboriginal Tourism Action Plan 2021-2025.

The four-year plan, backed by the $20 million Aboriginal Tourism Fund will support a range of initiatives including:
  • The development of new Aboriginal tourism experiences. 
  • Encouraging more Aboriginal people to work in the tourism industry.
  • The development of administration and booking systems to support Aboriginal tourism businesses.
  • Up to three new Camping with Custodian campgrounds.
  • An increase in tourism experiences on the Dampier Peninsula, after the Cape Leveque Road was sealed last year.

The Jina Plan was developed by Tourism WA, together with other government agencies, the WA Indigenous Tourism Operators Council and the State’s Aboriginal tourism industry. 

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For more information on Aboriginal tourism in WA, including how we work to grow this important sector, visit Aboriginal tourism

Last Reviewed: 2024-07-08