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Tourism Research Australia has transitioned NVS sampling to 100% mobile phone interviews (from 50% mobile phone/50% landline) to reflect current phone usage trends. The change in methodology has seen a break in series, so please use caution when comparing 2019 and onwards with previous time periods.

For more information, see NVS Methodology or IVS Methodology on Tourism Research Australia's website.

Fast Facts

Fast Facts provide the latest estimates of visitor numbers, nights, and spend in WA. They also look at purpose of visit, origin of visitors, and regional dispersal based on TRA's International and National Visitor Survey results. Data is broken down into the key visitor markets - international, interstate, intrastate, and daytrip visitors.

Download the latest Domestic Visitation Fast Facts - Year Ending June 2020

Download the latest International Visitation Fast Facts - Year Ending June 2020 

Download the latest Overview of Visitation to Western Australia - Year Ending June 2020 

For information on future release dates of the NVS and IVS, see Tourism Research Australia's website.

Last Reviewed: 2020-11-03