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The domestic market is WA’s largest source of visitors and includes visitors from WA (intrastate) as well as Australia (interstate).

Find out the latest statistics and research on domestic visitors, including how many come to WA, how much they spend, who they are and what they like to do.

Latest domestic market statistics

Find out the latest statistics on how many people from the domestic market are travelling to/within WA, how long they are staying and how much they are spending, by visiting Latest visitor statistics. The data is broken down into the key domestic visitor markets -  interstate, intrastate and daytrip visitors.

Domestic market profiles

Want to know more about intrastate and interstate leisure visitors that holiday in WA? To help, we have developed fact sheets which provide insights into how much they spend, how many nights they stay, who they are, what they like to do when they get here, as well as planning and booking insights.

Download the latest domestic market profiles (2018-19) below:

Interstate market profile (Overnight) (PDF 91KB)

Intrastate market profile (Overnight and daytrip) (PDF 87KB)

Please note:
Tourism Research Australia continuously seeks to improve the National Visitor Survey (NVS). From time to time, historical estimates may be revised and/or the methodology may change, leading to a break in time series. This should be considered when using these factsheets. Find out more about these changes.

Domestic travel sentiment tracker

Since April 2020, Tourism Australia has been tracking how Australians feel about travelling domestically. To find out more, visit Tourism Australia to download the latest Travel sentiment tracker.

Last Reviewed: 2021-06-30