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UK market profile

Want to know more about UK visitors that holiday in WA? To help, we have produced a fact sheet that provides the latest estimates on how many people visit WA from the UK, how long they stay, how much they spend, who they are, what they like to do when they get here, where they like to go as well as planning and booking insights. The fact sheet is based on  Tourism Research Australia's International Visitor Survey.

Download the latest UK market profile 2022 (PDF 123KB).

UK target audience

At Tourism WA, we focus our marketing activities on targeting 'High Value Travellers' from the UK market. These are people who don't mind long haul travel, are considering a holiday to WA, enjoy nature, wildlife, aquatic, coastal and food and wine experiences, and have an above average spend.

You can find out more by downloading the UK High Value Travellers summary (PDF 906KB).

Key distribution partners

We work with many travel distributors such as airlines, wholesalers, retail travel chains, inbound tour operators and online tourism agents who can sell a wide range of West Australian tourism products to generate bookings.

More information

For more information about the UK market contact:

James Munro
Senior Markets Manager (UK, Europe, Japan & India)
Phone: +61 9262 1808

Last Reviewed: 2024-03-06