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Aboriginal tourism is an important part of the State Government’s strategy to increase the value of tourism in Western Australia.  Tourism WA is providing ongoing support to the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council (WAITOC) which, through its membership, represents the Aboriginal tourism sector in WA.

Developing authentic Aboriginal tourism experiences for visitors to WA highlights traditional culture and encourages sustainability by providing employment and economic growth. 

New to the 2018-19 Regional Events Scheme is the inclusion of the Regional Aboriginal Events Scheme (RAES), a quarantined pool of $150,000 that is applicable to only events delivering an authentic Aboriginal experience through the leadership and participation of Aboriginal people.

Below is information about some of the other initiatives Tourism WA is currently supporting to help develop and grow Aboriginal tourism in Western Australia.

Camping with Custodians 

Camping with Custodians provides commercial camping opportunities on Western Australian Aboriginal lands.

Aboriginal Tourism Development Program 

The program aims to grow Aboriginal tourism in Western Australia.

Aboriginal tourism research 

Research to better understand the Aboriginal tourism sector in WA.

Last Reviewed: 2018-02-23