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Tourism WA is pausing its familiarisation program, in light of the current travel environment. When the program resumes, we’ll be contacting operators directly and can’t wait to be able to share our State with trade and media again. 

A familiarisation (famil) brings key trade (travel distributors) and media from within Australia and around the world to experience products that make WA an extraordinary holiday and business event destination.

Media famils are designed to showcase WA destinations, products and experiences.  They allow media to report on the State's attractions and create inspiration and awareness with the target audiences in key markets.  

For trade famils, Tourism WA works with a number of travel distribution partners across retail, wholesale, aviation and inbound operators, to learn about key WA products and destination information.

To find out how you can participate in Tourism WA's trade and media familiarisation program, see the links below or email us. Tourism WA also works collaboratively with Tourism Australia on their International Media Hosting Program and to bring key distribution partners to the State.

Itinerary planning 

Familiarisation itineraries are initiated by our international and domestic marketing teams.

Product selection 

The Familiarisation Program is available to tourism operators who provide quality products across the State.​

Benefits for operators 

Familiarisations aim to add value to the existing marketing activities of a tourism business.

Tips for operators 

Useful tips for tourism operators participating in familiarisations.

Trade and Media Famils Coverage 

Last Reviewed: 2020-03-26