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Developing tourism products, attractions and infrastructure – whether big or small – may require a variety of government approvals and regulatory requirements. 

Our Tourism Attractions Case Management team can help with these processes or direct you to other government agencies that can provide assistance. 

A key focus of the team is on tourism initiatives that will have a significant impact on the State’s tourism industry, attract more visitors and create jobs. However, we can also offer advice and guidance to people looking to develop or grow a tourism business that may be of a smaller scale.

If a project is assessed and identified as being of State significance, we will assign a case manager to help you navigate the various approval processes before the project can become a reality. This approach is not about cutting corners or getting rid of approval processes, but about helping you get an outcome on your venture within a reasonable timeframe. 

Our work supports and complements other WA Government initiatives which make it easier for new projects to get off the ground: 

  • Market-led Proposals policy: provides a clear and consistent process to manage unsolicited proposals for large-scale projects from the private sector that fall outside of the normal competitive processes. 
  • Streamline WA initiative:  an initiative to improve how government interacts with the private and community sectors, and develop best practice principles for making and applying regulation.

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Last Reviewed: 2021-02-03