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For the latest updates on cruise shipping and COVID-19, visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

With 106 cruise ships visits to WA in 2019-20, cruise shipping generated $261.9 million for WA's economy, an increase from $228.9 million in 2018-19, and supported about 935 jobs.  

Cruise shipping helps visitors to experience different regions of the State and showcases WA’s unique onshore attractions that are accessible from our 10 port destinations. The State's Mediterranean climate in the south and tropical climate in the north, also means WA can support cruise ship visits year-round.

At Tourism WA, we help promote the State’s port destinations to international cruise lines, and work closely with the Cruise WA Committee to help grow the sector.

Cruise shipping research

  • For an easy-to-read insight into the current status of Australia's cruise industry, take a look at this snapshot from the Australian Cruise Line Industry Association and the Australian Cruise Association.
  • Together with Tourism Research Australia, we commissioned a study to get a better understanding of cruise travel in WA and passengers’ experiences at various ports and destinations. Visit Tourism Research Australia's website to read the Evaluating the WA cruise visitor experience report.   

Cruise shipping handy reference guide

We have developed a Cruise shipping handy reference guide (PDF 12.5MB) to help you make the most of cruise ship visits in your region. The guide includes information on meeting cruise line/passenger expectations, how cruise lines work in regard to shore excursions and the benefits of cruise ships visits for your business and community.

WA's 10 cruise port destinations 

​Find out more about WA's 10 key ports.

Last Reviewed: 2022-07-29