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​Local tourism bodies such as Local Government Authorities, Local Tourism Organisations and visitor centres help strengthen local tourism in the region and support local tourism businesses.

Local Tourism Organisations (LTOs)

LTOs are usually membership-based bodies responsible for promoting their local area and its members. They also play a critical supporting role in tourism initiatives such as essential infrastructure, delivery of events, attractions and experiences, approvals of tourism development and policy and planning for a sustainable tourism future.

How can they help

  • Help liaise with regional tourism authorities and state authorities on behalf of operators
  • Provide opportunities to get involved in marketing campaigns

Local Government Authority

Local government has an economic development function and many work closely with RTOs and LTOs to develop tourism in the region.
They also directly manage or are closely involved with key tourism assets – such as visitor centres, caravan parks and reserves.

How they can help

  • Close interface with local businesses in small towns
  • Develop and deliver infrastructure projects to support tourism

Find out more

Contact your Local Government Authority.

Local visitor centres

Visitor centres provide tourist information to visitors to encourage them to stay longer, spend more money, experience more attractions and revisit a region.

How they can help

  • Help promote your product directly to visitors
  • Sell tourism products

Find out more

View a list of visitor centres across WA.

Last Reviewed: 2021-01-25