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Before deciding to enter the domestic or international tourism market, it is important to understand how they work, who is visiting WA and ensure your product is ‘market ready’. 

To help, we have developed a series of facts sheets so you can better understand tourism and the various distribution channels, pricing strategies and market segments.

For more detailed information, contact the Australia Tourism Export Council (ATEC) WA or Tourism Council WA (TCWA), which have developed excellent resources.

  • Tourism Export Toolkit – developed by the Australian Tourism Export Council and Tourism Australia, the toolkit provides the basic tools, knowledge and key contacts needed to enter the export tourism market. 
  • Tourism BOOST Program – run by Tourism Council WA, the program helps businesses understand how the tourism industry works and how to increase bookings and visitors. 
  • Pricing tools for tour and accommodation businesses - To be successful in your tourism venture you must price your product accurately and competitively. This requires a clear understanding of costs and how these costs impact on the overall price. To help, Tourism Council WA has developed useful pricing tools for tour and accommodation businesses.

Fact sheets

If you have any questions please contact: 

China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India and emerging markets
Vivienne Li

Japan, UK, Germany and USA markets
Tom Upson

Domestic and NZ markets
Mel Johnson

Last Reviewed: 2023-09-08