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​Gain online exposure and commission-free leads by listing your business or events free with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW).

This free listing will help your information be distributed and published across hundreds of websites, including our consumer website

The ATDW collects business tourism information then stores and distributes this information to support and market local tourism businesses.  This content is electronically accessible by tourism business owners (operators), wholesalers, retailers, and distributors for use in their websites and booking systems.

​What is ATDW?

Simply think of the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse as a database of national tourism content. It is supported and used by all the state tourism organisations on their websites, mobile apps and more. Its content is distributed to hundreds of travel websites, including Tourism Australia’s, and is available in both simple and traditional Chinese.

Download: How to create an ATDW profile (PDF 14MB)
Download: Guide to ATDW deals and offers (PDF 5MB)

For more information watch the video below or visit the ATDW website.

Why should I consider listing?

If you want to be listed on our consumer website, it is important that you are part of the ATDW database. The same data is used in our mobile app Experience WA and where applicable, on campaign microsites.

It will also be featured on Tourism Australia’s website as well as other websites. To find out more about distributors visit the ATDW website.

Who (and what) can be listed?

Tourism operators ranging from accommodation providers, paid attractions, tour operators, hire companies and information services can be listed. Listings are free however, as we support an accreditation policy, operators must have the relevant accreditation to be added to the database.  Visit our Accreditation page for more information.

Other records that are captured in this database are tourism destinations, free attractions, restaurants and events. These do not require accreditation.

Getting listed – tour operators

Getting listed is easy for accredited operators. Simply register for an online account set up and manage your own record. 

  1. Register online for an account
  2. Login to set up/update your record

If you’re unsure about this process or need help once you have logged in, contact or call 1300 137 225.

Getting listed – events operators

Events happening across Western Australia can be listed on our consumer website by registering with ATDW.

  1. Register online for an account
  2. Login to set up/update your record

If you’re unsure about this process or need help once you have logged in, contact or call 1300 137 225.

Getting listed - other

Destinations and free natural attractions are listed on

If you are from local government or represent your town and would like the listing for your destination to be updated or added to our database, then please email us at

How long till my listing is live?

This can vary but we usually allow for at least 48 hours/two working days for listings to be published onto the database. This is to allow for our quality assurance process to be undertaken.

What goes into a listing?

It is important that correct, accurate and up-to-date information is provided. The below are some of the fields that the database can capture.

  1. Business name 
  2. Address (to enable geo-location representation on maps)
  3. High quality images
  4. Valid website address
  5. Valid contact details
  6. Social media links
  7. For events, start and end dates are mandatory

To find out more visit ATDW’s website.

Is my listing in Chinese?

Yes it is and in both simplified and traditional Chinese. We translate all listings submitted to ATDW into the following languages: 

  1. Simplified Chinese
  2. Traditional Chinese
  3. Japanese
  4. Indonesian Bahasa
  5. German

Inclusive tourism resources

Providing consumers with accessibility information about your business is becoming more important. 

Accessibility isn’t only about people who use wheelchairs – it can also include people with vision or hearing loss, people who need to travel with support people, people with learning challenges, allergies and intolerances. Providing people with multiple ways to book also helps operators to be more inclusive.

The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse has recently updated its database to enable tourism operators to include more detailed inclusive tourism information in their business listing. This is a great opportunity to update your listing

Last Reviewed: 2023-12-08