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New Zealand market update

In mid-2023, New Zealand was the third largest inbound market to Western Australia, with visitor statistics showing international arrivals from New Zealand into WA at 95% of 2019 levels, making New Zealand one of WA's strongest global markets in terms of post-pandemic recovery at that time. Additionally, the number of direct flights between Auckland and Perth will increase at the end of August 2023 when Batik Air launches six direct flights per week.

In the first half of 2023, Kiwis became more confident to travel overseas as more direct airline routes were launched.

Economic headwinds brought higher inflation and a higher cost of living in 2023. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand stated in June that inflation had reached its peak, reducing the chances of an official cash rate hike in the second half of 2023. New Zealand trade partners are confident that Kiwis will continue to prioritise travel in 23/24. Trends indicate Kiwis are travelling for longer and increasingly looking for value for money packages, cruises and all-inclusive deals.

Tourism WA launched the Walking On A Dream brand campaign in New Zealand in October 2022. The brand platform has been well received by trade and media partners who have embraced Western Australia's dream destination positioning.

Key target segments 

Tourism WA is aiming to attract a new wave of high yielding travellers (HYT) who would normally travel long haul. Some Kiwis feel they have 'been there, done that'  for Australia so there is an opportunity to inspire them with bucket list holiday experiences in WA that add value to a holiday.

The visiting friends and relatives (VFR) segment continues to be an important driver for New Zealand travel to Western Australia. Tourism WA's objective is to encourage New Zealand VFRs to stay longer, travel further and engage more with tourism experiences when they visit WA to reconnect with their loved ones.

WA's annual events are used as the hook to book for VFRs to encourage them to spend more on tours and experiences.

Trade partner activity 

Tourism WA works closely with New Zealand wholesale, retail, OTA and airline partners to launch campaigns to encourage Kiwis to book a holiday in Western Australia. Tourism WA is focused on working with trade partners who provide the highest ROI and reach across the HVT and VFR segments.

Significant effort is going into assisting New Zealand wholesalers to package up new WA Dream packages that encourage Kiwis to stay longer and travel further in WA.

A range of tactical campaigns will be rolled out over the next 12 months with key New Zealand travel industry partners to boost New Zealand visitation to WA in FY23/24.

Trade training also remains a key focus to educate and support New Zealand travel agents. Tourism WA's online trade training platform, the West Aussie All Stars, was launched in New Zealand in June 2023 to provide agents with in depth WA destination information and selling tools. Graduates of the program will be invited to take part in Tourism WA trade famils in 23/24.

PR and content partnerships

Tourism WA  regularly distributes WA product updates and news to consumer and trade media in New Zealand. High profile journalists and influencers are targeted for media famils and content partnership opportunities with partners such as NZME, Stuff Travel and Television New Zealand to provide wide reaching platforms to promote dream holiday experiences in Western Australia. 

Tourism Australia partner activity 

Tourism WA continues to work with Tourism Australia to encourage New Zealand agents and wholesalers to complete WA modules on the Aussie Specialist Program online training platform. Western Australia featured as the 'Hero State of the Month'  in June 2024, which included a WA module incentive, dedicated Western Australia eDM and two webinar training sessions focusing on new hotels, tours and attractions and unique holiday experiences and destinations in WA.

How can industry get involved? 

  1. Align your NZ marketing activity and messaging to support the 'Western Australia Walking On A  Dream'  brand campaign.

  2. Connect with Tourism WA on social media. Share your great photos and videos by tagging #WAtheDreamState so they can be promoted on Tourism WA's social media channels. Images selected will be credited and tagged in any content used. Make sure you @mention us and other relevant accounts, like your Regional Tourism Organisation, by inserting their @ handles.

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More information

For more information on the New Zealand market, email the New Zealand Market Manager,
For the latest market insights, including visitor profiles and statistics, visit International markets.

Last Reviewed: 2023-08-02