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New Zealand joined WA’s safe and sensible controlled interstate border as a ‘very low risk’ jurisdiction on April 19, pending no further outbreaks. This means travellers from New Zealand can enter WA without having to quarantine, subject to strict conditions.

The announcement of the trans Tasman national travel arrangements has been met with huge excitement as Kiwis start to book trips across the ditch. Western Australia has some of the world’s most stunning holiday experiences, right on New Zealand’s doorstep. 

During 2020 Tourism WA kept WA holiday experiences front of mind for Kiwis by through proactive PR and social activity. Now that the borders are open between Western Australia and New Zealand. Tourism WA has switched gears and is rolling out campaigns to encourage Kiwis to book their WA holidays in 2021/22.

Campaign activity 

The second stage of the ‘Adventure Awaits Western Australia’ paid media campaign was launched mid-May to build awareness and desire for WA holidays. NZ consumers are being directed to for holiday deals, itineraries, event and destination information. Visiting Friends and Relatives (VFR) travellers will be encouraged to stay longer and travel further, while High Value Holiday Travellers (HVT) will be inspired to travel to the State by highlighting the unique and awe-inspiring holiday experiences in WA. For more information on Adventure Awaits Western Australia, watch the video and view an example of our press ad in NZ (PDF 2.4MB).

Partnership activity

Tourism WA has a number of partnership campaigns with airlines, retail chains, online travel agents and sports wholesalers. The campaigns are being rolled out between now and June to encourage Kiwi travellers to book a WA holiday.  NZ wholesale and retail partners are currently creating a range of holiday itineraries and packages to highlight new experiences, as well as those WA holiday experiences New Zealanders have been missing. The campaigns will include information about flexibility, accessibility and safety of travel to Western Australia.

PR activity

Tourism WA regularly distributes WA product updates and news to mainstream media and travel media in NZ. We are currently working alongside Tourism Australia on a content partnership with NZME. An Australian content platform went live in December 2020 and will run until the end of June. We have provided a wide range of WA holiday stories, videos and digital ads across the Australia platform on which attracts more than 370,000 NZ readers. To view an example of an article on WA visit

How can industry get involved? 

  1. Align your NZ marketing activity and messaging to support the Adventure Awaits Western Australia campaign.

  2. Connect with Tourism WA on social media. Share your great photos and videos by tagging #ThisIsWA so they can be promoted on Tourism WA’s social media channels. Images selected will be credited and tagged in any content used. Make sure you @ mention us and other relevant accounts like your Regional Tourism Organisation (insert their @handles).

  3. Gain more reach through Tourism WA’s social media channels. Follow us on:

    Twitter - @WestAustralia
    Instagram - @WesternAustralia
    Facebook – @ExtraordinaryWesternAustralia

  4. Join the conversation and share. If you see a post relevant to your product, make sure you comment, like and share. If you set up feeds to follow your local Regional Tourism Organisation, you can easily see if a post of ours is relevant to you so you can join in. Visit the Western Australia YouTube channel to watch videos from all around Western Australia, and make sure you subscribe to get notified each time we add new content. You can share these videos on your own social media channels and embed them in your website too.

More information

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Last Reviewed: 2021-05-27