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A range of information, research and statistics on WA's tourism industry is also publicly available from other sources.

Tourism Research Australia
The Tourism Research Australia website contains information on all States and Territories, as well as detail on visitors travelling to Australia. 

In addition, ad hoc interrogation of the International and National Visitor Survey statistics (IVS and NVS) has been outsourced to Tourism Research Australia's Statistical Enquiry Service. A small fee may apply to collate the information you require.

Tel +61 2 6243 7745

Australian Bureau of Statistics
The Australian Bureau of Statistics website contains statistics from the Survey of Tourist Accommodation, covering occupancy and revenue data for tourism​ regions across Australia. 

The catalogue number for WA data is: 8635.5.55.001. The catalogue number for Australia is 8635.0 which also includes an overview of all States/Territories.

Tourism and Transport Forum
The Tourism and Transport Forum regularly conducts research and reviews of many official data sources and forecasts (such as the IVS and NVS, Tourism Forecasting Committee forecasts and State budgets in relation to tourism spend).

Tourism Australia
Consumer trends and news collated by Tourism Australia are published on The Insight Files website.

Last Reviewed: 2018-01-31