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Western Australia's wildflower collection is one of the largest on Earth, with more than 12,000 species and over 60 per cent found nowhere else.

 To understand the current and potential market for wildflower tourism in WA, Tourism WA commissioned Metrix Consulting to undertake primary research with both domestic and international audiences. The research showed that while wildflowers are a 'niche' driver of tourism as a stand-alone experience, wildflowers can provide an additional reason to visit parts of the State and add to the overall visitor itinerary and experience.

 The research provides insights into consumer awareness and perceptions of wildflower tourism, and profiles potential visitor segments. The research also profiles and examines the visitor experience in WA's Wildflower Country. It will be used to inform strategic development and marketing of WA's wildflower tourism offering. 

Download Exploring Opportunities for Wildflower Tourism in WA (PDF 4.9MB).

Last Reviewed: 2022-02-01