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I‚Äčf you are interested in pursuing a career in tourism, events or hospitality then the following links may be of interest to you.

‚ÄčInternational Students Job Connect

Skilled labour and staff shortages are significant issues facing many hospitality and tourism businesses in Perth and regional WA due to COVID-19. Many hospitality jobs, especially in our regions, have been traditionally filled by working holidaymakers, who are currently unavailable due to travel restrictions.

To help, we are working on a number of initiatives to address labour shortages, including the International Students Job Connect event.

StudyPerth estimates that around 24,000 international students currently live in WA. International Students Job Connect is designed to help address a shortage of workers by connecting prospective employers with international students who are living locally, and currently looking for work.

View the highlights reel from the first event.

Last Reviewed: 2021-02-18