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A distribution strategy for your tourism product should be a key element of your marketing plan. It enables your business to broaden its customer base through the reach of travel distributor partners.

Tourism WA has a number of domestic and international travel distribution partnerships across retail, wholesale, online and aviation sectors that we undertake campaigns with. These partners sell WA product and packages.

You can work with both domestic and international distribution partners. Inbound tourism covers all international visitors to Western Australia. It is also known as ‘export tourism’, because Western Australia is the product being exported.

Domestic visitation refers to Australians holidaying in Western Australia. Inbound tourism allows tourism businesses to diversity markets and access new areas of business that may balance out regular domestic business patterns.

Who can help?

To distribute your product, contact the product manager of the relevant travel distribution partner.  But as the first step it is recommended you understand the markets you want to target and the various distribution channels by connecting with the leaders in this space; Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC) or Tourism Council of Western Australia (TCWA).

Excellent resources for reference include:

Download the list of key travel distribution partners in the domestic market or contact for more information.

For information on key travel distribution partners in global markets, contact:

China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India
Rei Seah

Malaysia, Singapore and Japan
Tom Upson

UK, Germany, US and NZ
Beppie Stoffels

Last Reviewed: 2020-11-11