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The Familiarisation Program is available to tourism operators who provide quality products across the State.​

We give preference to operators who are accredited and also those who are actively undertaking marketing activities in domestic and overseas markets. For example, an operator who is active in the New Zealand market is more likely to be selected to participate in a trade famil from New Zealand, than an operator who undertakes no activities in that market.

In addition, destinations and products included in familiarisation itineraries are aligned with the interests of the market. Our research demonstrates that each market has individual requirements. For example, the Singapore and Malaysian markets are interested in city breaks, shopping, nature-based experiences and also find the South West region appealing. In contrast, the German market is mostly interested in outback and adventure experiences offered in the North West.

If you have any queries or would like more information email us. 

Last Reviewed: 2016-11-07