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​In 2018, Tourism WA together with its media agency Carat developed six domestic market audience profiles to better target consumers and improve its domestic marketing strategies.

These audiences replace Tourism WA’s previous domestic primary target audiences of Dedicated Discoverers and Aspirational Achievers, and secondary target audiences of Family Connectors and Grey Explorers.

After surveying 5,000 Australian travellers to understand their holiday attitudes, behaviours and current perceptions of WA, six new audience segments were developed covering psychographics, demographics, technology usage, media behaviours and attitudes. These are Bright Lights; Culture Vultures; Escape and Connect; Family Fun; Off the Beaten Track; and Relax and Rewind.

Three of these target audiences - Escape and Connect; Bright Lights; and Off the Beaten Track, have been identified as priority segments for interstate marketing based on their openness to visiting WA, barriers to visiting WA, alignment with WA offering, frequency of travel, average trip expenditure and price sensitivity.

For more information about the segmentation model, including background and methodology used, download an overview.

Otherwise, you can view details of all six domestic market segments or download each fact sheet separately below: 

Bright Lights
Culture Vultures
Escape and Connect
Family Fun
Off the Beaten Track
Relax and Rewind

Last Reviewed: 2018-08-20