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Tourism WA’s Wander out Yonder campaign is being used as the platform for the State Government’s push to encourage young people to take a working holiday to regional WA.

The Work and Wander out Yonder campaign will raise awareness of the benefits of working in the regions, as well as the diverse employment opportunities now available.

The  campaign addresses the critical labour shortage facing tourism businesses, as well as the hospitality and agricultural sectors. Regional WA is experiencing labour shortages in a range of occupations usually filled by international backpackers, lost to the sector as a result of COVID-19.

It also highlights the benefits of working in the regions and the diverse opportunities available.

The State Government has partnered with recruitment services Seek and Studium to match employers and job seekers through the campaign website. Employers are encouraged to advertise on these platforms, with job seekers able to register their interest.

The Work and Wander out Yonder campaign includes digital, radio, television, print, out of home and social media advertising across the State.

For how to get involved in the new Work and Wander out Yonder campaign, click on this fact sheet

Last Reviewed: 2020-09-16