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A Tourism WA-led ‘Plan a Perth Reunion’ campaign is aiming to attract West Australians who now live on the east coast to visit the State and reunite with family and friends.

The reunion campaign runs until mid-June and will be further supported through TripAdvisor digital advertising. 

The digital advertising will promote attractions in Perth and the surrounding area to those who engaged online with the Tourism WA-led campaign and suggest a range of options to enjoy as part of their holiday itinerary.

The reunion campaign supports a new affordable airfare co-operative marketing campaign, which is a partnership between the State Government, through Tourism WA, and Virgin Australia.

The co-operative campaign is enticing visitors from the east coast to visit WA during the winter months.

Fares from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to Perth will be on sale from $199 one-way, with the campaign running until May 29, 2019, or until the fares are sold out.

The Virgin Australia co-operative marketing campaign includes social media and digital advertising and is part of an ongoing two-year agreement between the airline and Tourism WA.

For more information about the Virgin Australia partnership campaign, visit the Virgin Australia website.

View some of the 'Plan a Perth Reunion' campaign videos below:


For an interstate audience:

For a Perth audience:

Last Reviewed: 2019-06-17