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Just Another Day in WA is Tourism WA's latest marketing campaign under the Experience Extraordinary brand.

The core message of the campaign is - There are so many unique and extraordinary experiences waiting to be discovered in WA that although it may feel like an unforgettable moment, you'll see it's just another day in WA.

The Just Another Day in WA concept is an evolution of the Experience Extraordinary message to showcase a broad range of experiences in WA through the use of film and photography.

Tourism WA will create many of these assets, but we will also encourage members of the tourism industry and people living and travelling in WA to take their own films and photographs to enforce the message even further.

This campaign is designed to bring to life the unique, personal experiences visitors can expect on any given day in WA. This visual content will be supported via a dedicated website which will present first person accounts, moments, journeys and features about a range of travel experiences through WA, as well as providing links to holiday deals.

The campaign marks a fundamental shift in the way Tourism WA promotes the State as a holiday destination. This is a move towards a greater variety of campaign assets, told from a first-person point of view, that are particularly suited for digital and social media use. It will also reach a global audience through Tourism WA's cooperative advertising partners including airlines, accommodation providers and tour operators.

Just Another Day in WA has been supported by the State Government's Royalties for Regions program which will help pay for projects such as filming in regional WA and promoting our regions in WA's key tourism markets.

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Last Reviewed: 2019-04-04