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In 2013, Tourism WA commissioned Haeberlin Consulting to investigate the role and importance of visitor centres to tourism operators, local government and other stakeholders, as well as examples of best practice operating and resourcing models.

​More than 140 relevant stakeholders throughout the State were consulted as part of the project. Visitors were not surveyed, but visitor research undertaken in other jurisdictions was considered.

Any study into visitor centres must be considered in the context of the changing methods that travellers use to access destination and product information. In recent times, the number of digital media outlets and online travel agents providing information on destinations and tourism product (and the means for travellers to directly book that product) has grown considerably.

However, according to Haeberlin Consulting's investigations, visitor centres continue to play an important role in providing information about local areas and tourism products, especially small and medium sized tourism businesses. Tourists who use visitor centres tend to stay longer and spend more in a region.

Tourism WA's response to the report:
Visitor Centre Study - Tourism WA's response 

Download the report:
The Future of Visitor Centres in WA 

Last Reviewed: 2016-11-07