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We are responsible for delivering innovative marketing campaigns to raise local, national and international awareness of WA’s extraordinary destinations and experiences.

Tourism WA’s marketing is critical for building awareness of Western Australia’s diverse tourism offering and driving holiday bookings into, and around, the State. This video explains how we market the State.

Our marketing strategy focuses on brand communications, event marketing, cooperative marketing with key airlines and distribution partners, trade education, public relations, and major business event promotion in conjunction with the Perth Convention Bureau. All programs are measured using a variety of evaluation techniques in order to further target high-yield visitors, creating a positive and robust flow-on effect for the local tourism economy.

Through our marketing divisions we are responsible for the following:

Domestic marketing

We promote WA as an extraordinary holiday destination to the intrastate and interstate markets through consumer facing marketing activities, cooperative/commercial campaigns and agreements as well as trade marketing and participation in trade shows. For more information visit the intrastate and interstate marketing pages.

International marketing

We promote the State to our key international markets through consumer facing marketing activities, cooperative/commercial campaigns and agreements as well as trade marketing and participation in trade shows. We also work closely with international offices located in some of our key international markets. For more information visit International marketing.


Tourism WA manages the commercial agreements with key strategic partners, including Western Australia’s five Regional Tourism Organisations, the Perth Convention Bureau, the WA Visitor Centre and Tourism Council WA, to deliver destination marketing and industry development outcomes contributing to the State Government Strategy for Tourism 2020. Visit who we work with to find out more information.


Tourism WA’s trade and media familiarisation program aims to showcase WA destinations, products and experiences.  Media familiarisations enable journalists and influencers to report on WA as a desirable travel destination while publicising the attractions the State has to offer. Trade familiarisations then allow wholesalers, inbound operators and retail travel agents to learn about the products and experiences that are available in WA, enabling them to confidently sell our State to their clients. Find out how you can participate in Tourism WA's trade and media familiarisation program.

Brand and campaigns

We promote visitation to the State through our consumer brand with assistance from the agency’s strategic advertising partner, cummins&partners. We also manage the development and implementation of integrated domestic and international marketing activities to promote visitation to Western Australia. For more information visit the brand and campaigns section.

Public relations

Public relations creates opportunities for advocacy (third party endorsement) of WA’s extraordinary holiday and event experiences across a range of traditional and social media channels. We do this by working with the tourism industry to identify new and extraordinary products and experiences, which we then pitch to travel and lifestyle media outlets that are read or viewed by our target audience. Each year we also support a significant number of national and international media and social influencers to experience and report on WA, and become ongoing advocates for the destination. Visit the public relations page to see how you can get involved.

Digital marketing

We manage all consumer facing digital marketing activities for WA's key markets across the below owned, earned and paid digital channels:

  • Consumer website (
  • Email marketing (The Westerly e-newsletter)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram)
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Experience WA mobile app

For more information on these channels, how you can get involved and leverage what we do, visit the digital marketing page.

Last Reviewed: 2019-06-12