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​We focus on the supply side issues in WA tourism by working across government and industry to determine the needs of destinations in terms of access, accommodation, attractions and amenities. We seek to facilitate the filling of gaps through private and public investment.

Some of our focus areas include:

Aviation access – facilitating the development of aviation access to Perth and key regional WA centres to encourage the growth of tourism throughout the State.

Cruise shipping – capitalising on the growth of the cruise sector through the Western Australian Cruise Shipping Strategic Plan 2012-2020, which is being delivered in partnership with the Cruise WA Committee and industry.

Caravan and camping – helping to position WA as the nation's preferred caravan and camping holiday destination by improving the supply, delivery and promotion of the sector through the cross government Western Australian Caravan and Camping Action Plan: 2013-2018.

Aboriginal tourism – helping to grow Aboriginal tourism in the State by working with the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council to deliver the Aboriginal Tourism Development Program 2015-2018.

Visitor servicing – implementing the Regional Visitor Centre Sustainability Grant Program which provides grant funding to regional visitor centres to make them more financially sustainable.

Food and wine tourism – establishing WA as one of the world’s foremost culinary tourism destinations by working with other agencies and industry to implement the Taste 2020 - A strategy for food and wine tourism in Western Australia.

Tourism infrastructure - supporting major infrastructure projects throughout WA which help to grow tourism. This includes delivering the Federal Government’s Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Program.

Tourism policies and regulations - ensuring the State’s policies and regulations support tourism investment.

For more information visit Growing tourism.

Last Reviewed: 2016-11-09