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​Providing every visitor with the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Indigenous tourism experience is an integral component of the State Government Strategy for Tourism in Western Australia 2020.

Indigenous tourism helps protect and preserve traditional culture and encourage communities to become economically viable by providing employment and income. In addition, extending the reach and impact of Indigenous tourism experiences is an important way in which we can differentiate Western Australia from other tourism destinations.

To reach our goal we must:

  • create a compelling point of difference for Indigenous tourism in WA to attract international visitors
  • integrate Aboriginal product and culture into events and marketing
  • facilitate and support opportunities for access to land and tenure for the development of tourism
  • help operators access sources of funding, business development and marketing support to develop their product
  • increase Aboriginal employment in tourism and hospitality.

 Tourism WA works with the WA Indigenous Tourism Operators Council (WAITOC) to implement various initiatives to help grow Aboriginal tourism in WA. Visit the Aboriginal tourism section for more information.

The State Government, through Tourism WA and Royalties for Regions, provides funding to WAITOC to help us raise the profile of Western Australia as a key Aboriginal tourism destination.

Last Reviewed: 2016-11-07