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​Growing WA's share of high-yield Asian markets will help us increase the value of tourism in the State.

Our ability to capitalise on Asia's growth potential is a critical component of the strategy. The majority of tourism growth for Australia over the next 10 years will come from China, with other Asian markets such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia also increasing in importance.

To reach our goal we need to:

  • target the high-yield market by promoting a range of premium brands and luxury experiences available in WA
  • increase the number of inbound tour operators and educate them about WA and the extraordinary experiences and products we offer
  • promote and develop events that appeal to the Asian market. This will not only increase WA's attractiveness as a destination but also help grow the average stay and spend per visitor
  • work with industry to educate the workforce and provide training about the expectations of the Asian market to ensure their needs are met.

For more information on the China market visit our Understanding China pages. 

Last Reviewed: 2017-02-17