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The four-year Aboriginal Tourism Development Program (ATDP) finished in June 2019 and was developed to help grow Aboriginal tourism in Western Australia. Funded by the State Government, the ATDP was implemented by Tourism WA and delivered by the  Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council (WAITOC).

The program involved two elements: 

Marketing - The marketing component generated awareness of the entire suite of Aboriginal tourism experiences in WA and also helped export-ready Aboriginal tourism businesses to gain exposure and build relationships in global travel-trade distribution channels.

Business development – Aboriginal tourism businesses received business advice and mentoring as part of the ATDP by addressing gaps found through an initial business health check considering areas such as compliance, financial, staffing, business systems, tourism accreditation, product offering and delivery.

Selection for the ATDP was based on a competitive Expression of Interest process. Businesses that participated in the ATDP over the four year program were:

  • Narlijia Experiences Broome   
  • Bundy’s Cultural Tours
  • Broome Coastal Adventures
  • Bungoolee Tours
  • Imintji Campground and Art Centre
  • Mimbi Campground
  • Violet Valley Campground
  • Luridgii Tours  
  • Waringarri Aboriginal Arts
  • Whale Song Café and Campground
  • Wijingarra Tours
  • Ngalang Wongi Aboriginal Cultural Tours
  • Cape Cultural Tours
  • Roelands Village
  • Poornarti Aboriginal Tours
  • Bindjareb Park
  • Njaki Njaki Aboriginal Cultural Tours
  • Kaya Cultural Tours
  • Mandjoogoordap Dreaming
  • Peedamulla Campground
  • Wuddi Wuddi Cultural Tours
  • Bush Ghoodhu Wongutha Tours
  • Windjana Day Tours

Last Reviewed: 2019-09-06