Tourism WA’s Accreditation Policy was announced in 2007 to encourage a greater number of tourism businesses to become accredited, thereby improving the quality of visitor experiences.

The policy went into full effect on 1 July 2010 when all tourism businesses that provide accommodation, attractions, tour, hire or transport must be accredited to Australian Tourism Accreditation Standards (or higher) to benefit from Tourism WA's marketing investment for Western Australia as a holiday destination.

Tourism accreditation is based on quality assurance principles, designed to enhance tourism businesses while also improving industry standards.

Tourism accreditation provides consumers with the confidence to make informed choices about the legitimacy and quality of a tourism product.

Benefits of accreditation for tourism operators can include:

  • An improved reputation in the tourism market place
  • Greater customer satisfaction and confidence which leads to repeat business
  • More effective management and improved employee morale
  • A competitive advantage over non-accredited operators
  • Improved profitability through the implementation of better operating systems
  • Ability to display the relevant accreditation program’s logo on all promotional and marketing material.

Accreditation programs that are available to industry include:

  • Camp/Adventure Activity Provider Accreditation (Australian Camps Association Inc.)

  • Events Industry Association (WA) Accreditation program


Accredited Visitor Centres Visitor Centre Logo.gif

Visitor Centres are a first port of call for travellers wanting to explore Western Australia.

Services provided by visitor centres include maps and travel advice, accommodation and tour bookings and local knowledge on the destination you are visiting.

To ensure visitor servicing is maintained at the highest level, the National Tourism Accreditation Program operates Visitor Centre Accreditation.

Accredited visitor centres are branded with the italic ‘i’. This is the symbol associated with Accredited Visitor Centres across Australia.

The symbol is used in a wide range of tourism, travel and general interest advertisement and promotional materials to demonstrate that the visitor centre is accredited.

For more information on Visitor Centre accreditation, please contact the Tourism Council WA on (08) 9416 0700.

Download checklist:

Visitor Centre accreditation requirements checklist (44KB)

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