ISPS  Handa Perth International

ISPS Hana Perth International 

Eventscorp, the events division of Tourism Western Australia, has an impressive legacy of identifying, developing and supporting world-class events that promote and enrich Western Australia. 

The appeal of world-class events to potential travellers and investors should not be underestimated. Events give visitors a reason to travel to Western Australia now instead of at a later date and they often provide priceless exposure in key domestic and international markets through media coverage and television broadcasts.

Eventscorp actively bids for major international events which will attract significant numbers of international and interstate visitors, have a positive economic impact for Western Australia, and showcase the State.

The division provides funding for major events and regional events, via the Regional Events Program and Regional Events Scheme, leveraging tourism, business and media opportunities of events.

Future direction includes the consolidation of a diverse and attractive events calendar, development of an event tourism strategy and elevation of hallmark events for Western Australia. 

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